Ceramic Machinery Auctions
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Register to the Site
Can I register myself to the site if I am not a company ?Top

It is possible but you have to enter in addition to the required personal data also your personal Tax Code so as to allow us to issue an invoice in case of purchase.


Once you have entered the data, if you win a lot, an invoice will be issued to that name / company name.

It will no longer be possible to modify them.

After registering when I can log in as a User ?Top

You will be asked to fill a form with data and then you will receive an e-mail  sent automatically from the site. To complete and activate the account you will need to click on the ACTIVATE button contained in the received e-mail. You will be automatically sent back to a web page of the Ceramic Machinery Auctions website. At this point you will have to complete the registration by clicking on the CONFIRM button.                         

A page with a message will notify you that your account has been confirmed and is active. 

I cannot log in to my account Top

Probably the Username and/or password you entered are incorrect. Click on the "Forgot your password?" in the LOGIN section of the Home Page.

The site will automatically send to you an email with a new temporary password that will allow you to access to your User account. Please enter in My Account > Edit your account and reset your password.

Username and password can be changed ? Top

You can change your password and your personal data but not the Username.

To do this you will need to access the section Edit your account after logging in. If you wish to change your Username, you will need to register again with a different Username.


If you have already won an auction and won a lot, you will no longer be able to receive an invoice with different data from those entered and present in the database at the time of the award.

Can an account be closed ? Top

You cannot do this as a User but by sending a request email to support@ceramicmachineryauctions.com or by opening a support ticket, we will be able to quickly fulfill your request for deletion and/or modification.