Ceramic Machinery Auctions
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Payments and withdrawal of the machines
If I won the auction how can I pay for the machines I won ?Top

Once you have won the auction you will receive an email that will confirm that you are the winner.          

Within 24 hours after sending the first email we will send you a Payment Notice which will contain the following information:

- the amount to be paid

- our banking data

- the terms within to pay the balance

A proforma invoice that summarize what above listed will also be sent to you.

When will I be allowed to pick up the machines I won ? Top

The withdrawal of machinery will be possible only after in our bank account will be credited with the balance of the total amount.

At this point, it will be possible for the Purchaser to withdraw the goods in the way and times indicated in the auction form and the Specific Sales Conditions specific to each auction (with reference also to the General Conditions of Sale Art. g.).

Why do I have to pay a supervisory cost for collection ?Top

It is foreseen a cost of supervision at the pick-up because the responsibility for the withdrawal operations in third-party premises is of the Administrator of www.ceramicmachineryauctions.com site and therefore the presence of one of its supervisors is necessary during the dismantling and loading operations of the machinery.                                                                                                          

In the case of withdrawal of the machinery/equipment at the VEGA srl warehouse, no payment of Supervisory Fee will be due.

Can I use lifting equipment and/or equipment present on site to dismantle and load the machinery purchased by me ? Top

For matters related to legal responsibilities and safety regulations it is generally not possible to use such equipment, even if present on site, unless prior written agreement is signed with the owner of the vehicles and that are present the qualifications to use these means (eg., license for the use of forklifts or any other necessary qualifications). It will also be mandatory to present an insurance policy for Civil Liability to Third Parties which will be covering damages during works carried out at third-party premises, with adequate coverage ceilings.

Can I use third-party companies to disassemble and load the machines I have purchased ? Top

Obviously yes.

In fact, the purchased machinery/equipment must be collected at Buyer's expenses, in total autonomy and responsibility, choosing the most suitable suppliers for dismantling works as well as for loading services (eg., loading services with cranes or forklift rental) (with reference also to the General Conditions of Sale Art. g. paragraph g.5).

It will however be mandatory, to be able to operate, to present all the documentation required by the current legislation before starting work.

If you have difficulty finding a company that performs this type of work on site, the staff of www.ceramicmachineryauctions.com will be happy to help you by providing you with a quote for the aforementioned work.

How will I know the sizes and the weight of the machinery I have purchased ? Top

How much available as dimensional and weight data of the machinery is generally indicated in the auction form and anyway, where possible due to distance problems, the staff of www.ceramicmachineryauctions.com will be available, but not obliged, to any measurement requested by the Buyer.         

Nevertheless, it will be the sole responsibility of the Purchaser to verify the above data before proceeding with the withdrawal of the machines.

The staff of www.ceramicmachineryauctions.com will have no responsibility for the non-compliance of these data.

Can I collect the machinery through a forwarder ? Top


It is important, however, that at the time of loading there is a person delegated by the Purchaser and the lifting media necessary for the load. The name of the carrier must be indicated in advance, as well as the data of the place of destination of the goods. If the latter is not indicated in advance, it will automatically coincide with the Buyer's address.

How can I see the list of machines I have won ? Top

Once logged in, entering the drop-down menu at the top, in "My Account" and then "Auctions you won", you will find a list of all the machines that you have won.

When will I receive the invoice ? Top

Once you have been awarded the goods at auction, you will receive a Payment Notice by email. In case the payment of a Buyer Premium is required (only if indicated in the auction form), you will receive two separate payment notices. The first one will be for the payment of the good that you have overheard and the other will be for the payment of the Buyer premium (auction fees). The Payment Notices will contain all the summary data of your purchase and the data needed to make the payment. When you have paid and the amount will be officially received by our bank will be issued the relevant invoice and the same will be sent electronically to you (by email). The same happens if the invoices are two, where the first one regards the payment of the Buyer Premium to us and a second one is issued directly by the owner of the machinery and regards the payment of the asset itself.

Will I be able to view the goods after the auction closing and before having made the payment for the machinery awarded ?Top

It will be possible to view goods before the auction, with the procedures and times indicated in the auction form, but not after the auction closing and before the payment of the balance. Obviously it will be possible to view the goods after payment of the same in order to organize for the collection.